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Expert consulting, evaluations and education for your program's healthcare delivery system.

With the ever increasing complexity, demands and regulation of organized athletics and the associated impact on providing medical care to athletes, it’s more important than ever to collaborate with trusted partners who can ensure quality and compliance for your organization.

Whether your organization needs help building a healthcare program for your athletes from the ground up, wants to offer proactive education for your athletes and staff, or desires a comprehensive independent program assessment or consultation after an incident, the US Council for Athletes’ Health has the expertise you need and the collaborative support you want.

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With all the complexity, regulations, and demands on athletic organizations today, working with an independent organization like USCAH is one of the smartest things you can do for your healthcare delivery system.
— James Andrews, MD
National Sports Medicine Specialist
James Andrews, MD

“We were nothing short of impressed with the work USCAH did with our department; The process was a great exercise for our medical and administrative staffs and the interviews were thorough and insightful. As we work towards providing the best possible health care model for our student-athletes, the outcomes of their findings were incredibly beneficial. We are pleased that USCAH has become an ongoing partners and advisors.”
— Pat Chun, Athletic Director Washing State University
Our partnership with USCAH has aligned our athletic department with healthcare industry experts to provide best practices of sports medicine management and operations for our student athletes.
— Graham Neff, Deputy AD, Clemson University

Christopher C. Kaeding, MD and James R. Borchers, MD

Christopher C. Kaeding, MD and James R. Borchers, MD

Over 40 years combined experience working with professional, collegiate and amateur organizations, providing healthcare for athletes.