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Are you committed to the healthcare and safety of your athletes?

Demonstrate your commitment by becoming USCAH Preferred. 

With the USCAH Preferred designation, your organization is demonstrating that you are committed to the athletes you serve. Collaboration with USCAH illustrates a proactive approach to best practices for athlete healthcare and safety.

The USCAH Preferred designation identifies organizations that are leading the way in athlete healthcare and safety by pledging to follow best practices:

  • Commitment to implement best practices for athlete healthcare and safety
  • Implementation of organization-wide education for athlete healthcare and safety
  • Ongoing independent external reviews of athlete healthcare and safety programming
  • Commitment to transparency regarding organizational athlete healthcare and safety guidelines and procedures

The USCAH Preferred designation certifies:

External Review


A USCAH Preferred designation confirms your organization had an annual online program assessment completed to proactively identify potential areas of risk, determine strengths & weaknesses, provide an overall score of your medical program, and assess your program’s policies and procedures.



The USCAH Preferred designation shows that your organization has completed appropriate training to remain compliant with regulations. Our accessible e-learning modules keep your staff informed about sports-related health conditions, educate them on what to do in particular medical situations, and provide best practices for participating in sports in a healthy way.

*USCAH Preferred designation is only eligible to organizations partnering with USCAH who display a proactive approach to best practices for athlete healthcare and safety. Certification awarded at the discretion of the U.S. Council, reviewed annually.

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