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Crisis doesn't care...

about the name of the front of your jersey, the size of your gym, or the zip code of your field. Crisis can happen anywhere, to anyone, and have lasting consequences. We can help you prepare for your worst day so you can stay focused on your best.

Working with organizations big and small; from youth sport to Power 5.

Independent, unbiased medical expertise for organizations dedicated
to their athlete health.

Each engagement is crafted to fit the custom needs and requirements of your institution, athletes, coaches, and stakeholders. Starting with a comprehensive library of electronic education, USCAH experts work hand-in-hand with each organization to create a safe & healthy environment complete with ongoing assessment and proactive growth solutions.

Online Program Assessments

Online Program Assessments

Get an expert review of your healthcare delivery system.

Get an independent, unbiased review of your healthcare delivery system. Designed to assess your organization on current strengths and provide expert recommendations to optimize health and safety of athletes, program compliance and appropriate best practices.

Your assessment includes:

  • Remote Assessment of Your Program's Policies and Procedures
  • An Overall Score of Your Medical Program
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis
  • Identification of Potential Areas of Risk
E-Learning Modules

E-Learning Modules

Be proactive: Sports health e-learning for your organization.

E-learning modules are designed as a proactive way to ensure and document that everyone in your organization is compliant with regulations. Ensure your organization has appropriate training to identify sports-related health conditions, what to do in particular medical situations, and understand best practices for participating in sports in a healthy way.

Topics include:

  • Concussion
  • Sickle Cell Trait
  • Extertional Rhabdomyolysis
  • Heat Illness
  • Mental Health
  • And more…
On-Site Consulting

On-Site Consulting

Our experts come to you to solve your program’s challenges.

Proven expertise to solve your healthcare program’s challenges.

This may be a comprehensive redesign of your healthcare delivery system; an on-site review of a specific policy or procedure; a visit to review and advise your organization regarding an incident; or simply provide in-person workshops.

  • On-site consultation options include:
  • Proactive Program Assessment
  • Single Policy Reviews
  • Independent Incident Reviews
  • Complete Program Design
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The tool that powers your USCAH partnership

Athletics Healthspace is a virtual tool for institutional assessments, educational training and innovation. Providing access to your coaches, staff and athletes, Athletics Healthspace is a fully-customized solution to ensure education and compliance requirements are delivered and executed by all of your institution’s stakeholders.

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