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Athletics Healthcare Administrator Association

A community dedicated to navigating the challenges and complexities of athletic healthcare administration and compliance.

The world of Athletics Healthcare is complex and at times a bit overwhelming. That's why the Athletics Healthcare Administrator Association (AHAA) was created as an extension of USCAH. We recognize Athletic Healthcare Administrators carry much of the weight to ensure each organization is equipped to navigate the challenges, complexities, and compliance within athletics, which is no small feat. We understand the complexities you’re forced to operate in, which is why we're here to help you navigate it. 

AHAA is your personalized approach to help you meet your Organization’s specific athletic healthcare compliance requirements.



AHAA Membership offers Administrators within the Athletic Healthcare industry a virtual community for collaboration, professional development, expert resources, and one-of-a-kind connections.

The exclusive platform provides independent services and programming to ensure members can properly administer optimal healthcare and safety for their athletes and remain compliant with each organization's requirements. 

Annual membership fee of $195.00. 

Membership Platform

A secure platform to keep your healthcare compliance programming current through exclusive content, industry resources, best practices, and connections.

Professional Development

Education and professional development through member discussion boards, expert webinars, and industry events. 

Industry Networking

Access to and networking with Athletic Healthcare industry experts. Chat with fellow healthcare administrators on our discussion boards, learn about the latest compliance criteria from expert webinars, and connect at exclusive industry events. 

Expert Advice

Thought leadership from your peers and experts within the world of Athletic Healthcare shared through industry articles, expert webinars, and interactive discussions.

Event Access

Access and discounts to the AHAA Annual Conference. 

The AHAA Annual Conference is a meeting bringing the stakeholders responsible for athletic healthcare and safety administration in one place for industry updates and expert insights.

Timely Updates

AHAA offers members real-time updates from the world of athletics, and particularly, administrative-centered news and resources. With timely alerts, you can ensure your organization is operating with the most recent guidelines in mind. 

Best Practices

Easy access to current and timely updates, as well as documented compliance with athletic healthcare administration best practices/requirements.

Membership Directory

AHAA membership provides the opportunity to share your contact information with fellow AHAA members. Learn what organizations are also members and gain access to their contact information.

Who should join:

Whether you’re aspiring to become an Athletic Healthcare Administrator or have been practicing for years, the Athletic Healthcare Administrator Association (AHAA) membership is a platform dedicated to helping everyone with a role in athletic healthcare.

If your position calls for risk management, or the delivery around health and safety services, AHAA could be the perfect solution for you to stay up to date on industry resources, ensure compliance within your organization, and provide a network of some of the most respected AHA’s in the field.

Some member titles include: 

  • Athletics Trainer
  • Physician
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Faculty Athletic Representative
  • Athletic Director
  • Senior Woman's Administrator
  • Associate Athletic Director
  • Compliance 
  • General Council 
  • Risk Management 
  • Partner to Athletic Health (attorney) 

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