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USCAH Teams with Mindurance to Develop Online Mental Health Education

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 22, 2021) – The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) has teamed up with Mindurance and sports psychologist Dr. Steve Graef to develop mental health education courses within USCAH’s e-learning platform Athletics Healthspace.

Three video-driven course series were developed for athletes, coaches and support staff, and team administrators with content focusing on important mental health aspects for athletes, including common types of mental health disorders in sport, signs, symptoms and resources, and emergency action planning for mental health emergencies.

“USCAH is excited to partner with Dr. Graef in producing this informative and engaging content around mental health,” Dr. James R. Borchers, USCAH president and co-founder, said. “Our commitment to athlete health and safety is not limited to training and competition; we know that the mind and body must both be nourished and protected for an athlete to be truly successful and safe.”

Graef is a licensed and board-certified counseling psychologist with specialized expertise in sport and performance psychology. His company, Mindurance, helps high performers across industries minimize mental barriers and maximize life through online self-study, group presentations and personal coaching. A former football player at Ohio State, Graef has served as a professor and researcher of psychology, college Dean, national presenter, university sport psychologist and leadership consultant.

“USCAH's desire to include mental health curriculum is not only a testament to their goal of comprehensive athlete care and safety, but also a huge necessity in the athletics arena today,” Graef said. “Having expert and streamlined online content makes mental health support and development less overwhelming, stigmatizing, and burdensome. By including the most relevant topics and tools, participants will learn to manage mental health with greater confidence, clarity, and commitment. I am honored to be part of this journey and look forward to helping athletes, coaches and support staff, and administrators, more effectively navigate the mental health space.”

USCAH partners and Athletics Healthcare Administrator Association (AHAA) members have access to this mental health content in Athletics Healthspace, as well as a host of other educational resources – depending on each organization’s partnership - in the areas of:

  • Activity Management
  • Athlete Health and Wellness
  • Athlete Recovery
  • COVID-19
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Healthcare Services and Facilities
  • Injury/Illness Management and Prevention
  • Social Responsibility

Watch an introduction to the mental health course content (available without a partnership subscription) featuring Drs. Borchers and Graef below. Please note: these resources are not a replacement for counseling or formal mental health screening. Athletes and sport professionals with concerns about their mental health should reach out to a medical professional or trusted member of their organization.

Organizations interested in partnering with USCAH to commit to the health and safety of their athletes, can visit uscah.com or email info@uscah.com.

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