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USCAH Named Approved Provider of ODE Pupil Activity Permit First Aid Training

The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) was recently approved by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) as a provider of Pupil Activity Permit First Aid Training certification for state high school coaches and athletics personnel. 

Individuals can complete the program of 14 courses entirely online within USCAH's Athletics Healthspace website or app with trainings in the subject areas of:

  • athlete health and wellness
  • athlete recovery
  • injury/illness management and prevention
  • emergency preparedness
  • activity management

Athletics Healthspace is a USCAH-owned e-learning platform with courses and programs designed by our team of experts to assist organizations with health and safety education for its members. 

Per the ODE, individuals who supervise, direct or coach a pupil activity program involving athletics, routine or regular physical activity, or health and safety considerations as determined by the local board of education are required to meet the requirements of the Pupil Activity Permit. In addition to the first aid program, these individuals must have separate educational trainings around CPR, concussions and sudden cardiac arrest. 

For information on how to register, please contact info@uscah.com and include Pupil Activity Permit in the subject line. 

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