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USCAH Hosts Discussion on Interassociation Guidelines

The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) recently hosted a webinar focused on the Interassociation Guidelines: Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death in Collegiate Athletes. Moderated by Dr. Doug Aukerman with panelists Dr. James Borchers, Dr. Chad Asplund and Jason Montgomery, the group reviewed both the requirements of the legislation and solutions to meet the recommendations for more than 200 webinar participants.

While the guidelines are a requirement for NCAA institutions, they should be considered best practices across all levels of collegiate athletics, including within NJCAA and NAIA programs. Healthcare delivery to student-athletes at all levels is not just a “necessity” – it is a PRIORITY – and USCAH is committed to providing the education and training to ensure institutions are prepared to meet these recommendations.


The guidelines address six critical areas around student-athlete health and welfare (listed below), which the panel went through in detail and provided strategies to achieve compliance in each area.

  • Sportsmanship
  • Protective Equipment
  • Acclimatization and Conditioning
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Responsibilities of Athletics Personnel
  • Education and Training

Participant feedback:
"The webinar was an informative mix of both medical and legal discussion topics, presented in an easy-to-follow format," Darryl Conway, Senior Associate AD and Chief Health & Welfare Officer at the University of Michigan, said. "There were a lot of great tips provided to make sure you remain in compliance with the guidelines."

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