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The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health & the Mountain East Conference Announce New Partnership

The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) and the Mountain East Conference (MEC) have announced a new partnership aimed to prioritize strategic, third-party educational support, attention to athletic healthcare, and safe return to play for MEC institutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this unique partnership USCAH will offer all MEC member institutions access to integrated education, survey management, and assessment that will allow institutions to optimize their student-athlete healthcare delivery systems. USCAH will also consult with MEC commissioner Reid Amos and his staff on conference-wide student-athlete health, safety, and well-being initiatives.

Our valued partnership with USCAH emphasizes our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of the student-athletes in the Mountain East Conference," MEC Commissioner Reid Amos said. "Having an organization like the USCAH as a resource to help guide policy, protocols and procedures is invaluable in today's landscape."   

The MEC and USCAH partnership is dedicated to the promotion of prioritized athlete wellness through athletic healthcare and safety guidance, collaboration, and resources for MEC stakeholders. USCAH’s offering to MEC member institutions includes access to a new, virtual athletics healthcare education and compliance platform developed by sports medicine experts, Athletics Healthspace. Athletics Healthspace was developed by USCAH as a new way to deliver healthcare education to athletes through assessments, training, and third-party support. The completion of USCAH-guided educational materials (including customized coursework and testing) allows MEC member institutions the ability to become USCAH Preferred, a designation identifying institutions who demonstrate their commitment to athlete healthcare and safety.

USCAH is excited to partner and collaborate with the MEC to enhance athletic healthcare and safety programming for the conference and its member institutions.  It is clear that the landscape of college athletics is placing the focus on athletic healthcare and safety as a priority for all stakeholders including student-athletes, coaches, administrators, medical staff and parents. We look forward to our future with the MEC and its member institutions." says James R Borchers, MD MPH, Co- Founder & President at USCAH. 

USCAH is available as a resource to Mountain East Conference member institutions immediately. Interested parties can contact Bob Sweeney at rsweeney@uscah.com for MEC partner programming. 

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