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[VIDEO] COVID Update - What does the future hold for athletics?

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Discussion details:
Athletic institutions continue to adapt to the landscape of athletics amidst a pandemic by developing processes and protocols for athletes to safely return to their sport. Recommendations for safe participation in athletics continue to evolve as spring sports begin and national vaccine distribution continues, affecting plans for summer and the 2021-22 academic year.
The Athletics Healthcare Administrators Association continually monitors recommendations and changes to provide the most current information and best practices for return to sports from COVID-19.
This webinar covers timely topics and considerations to assist organizations to safely return to sport including:
  • COVID-19 impact and health risks
  • COVID-19 vaccination updates
  • How to apply the latest CDC COVID-19 vaccine recommendations to sport
  • Preparing your athletic institution for a new school year
  • Potential obstacles for your athletic institution including participation to fall sports
  • Sport-specific COVID-19 risks
  • The impact on indoor and outdoor sports

Join us to equip your teams with the necessary details to make a safe and successful return to spring sport.


  • Doug Aukerman, MD, MBA Executive Director, Athletic Healthcare Administrators Association (AHAA) of The U.S. Council for Athletes' Health
  • John Swartzberg MD, FACP, Infectious Diseases Specialist, UC Berkeley Public Health Faculty
  • James R. Borchers, MD, MPH President & Co-Founder of The U.S. Council for Athletes' Health

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