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[VIDEO] Athletics in the Era of COVID 19 | Spring Sports and Beyond

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Discussion details:
As the pandemic continues, institutions are continuing to adapt by developing processes and protocols for athletes to safely return to their sport. As spring sports begin, along with the national vaccine distribution, recommendations for safe participation in athletics will continue to evolve and affect planning for the summer and the 2021-22 academic year.
The Athletics Healthcare Administrators Association and The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health are continually monitoring these recommendations and changes to provide the most current information and best practices for return to winter sports from COVID-19. James R. Borchers, MD, MPH and Chad Asplund, MD, MPH weigh in on timely topics and considerations to assist organizations to safely return to sport including:
  • COVID-19 impact and health risks
  • COVID-19 testing strategies
  • Isolation and quarantine for athletes
  • Vaccine distribution and limitations on vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals
  • Determining when athletics start and stop
  • Ethics of athletics in a pandemic
  • Legal considerations

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