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At the U.S. Council for Athletes' Health (USCAH) we believe it is our mission to collaborate, inspire, and ensure athletic health and safety education and compliance are a priority for all athletic organizations and programs. To ensure athletic health and safety education and compliance requirements are delivered and executed we created Athletics Healthspace.

Athletics Healthspace is an interactive platform that provides athletes, coaches, officials, staff, and parents access to organization assessments, educational training, and innovative athletics healthcare solutions.

Our USCAH team is dedicated to collaborating with your sport organization to ensure your health and safety education and compliance programs are as informative and streamlined as possible to enhance accountability standards, to help you meet your state compliance guidelines, and most importantly to help you daily confirm your return to participation is safe.

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Athletics Healthspace - the innovative health compliance solution for your athletic organization offers:

Online Program Assessments

  • Assessment of your program’s policies & procedures
  • Strengths & weaknesses analysis
  • An overall score of your athletic medical program
  • Identification of potential risk areas

E-Learning Modules

  • Familiar Learning Management System (LMS) format with courses developed by experts in the field with an ever-growing library which cover many topics including concussion, heat illness, mental health, eating disorders, sexual abuse & assault, bullying & hazing, cardiac emergency and more
  • Your organization can customize needs for further training
  • Meets educational compliance components

On-site Consulting

  • Comprehensive program review
  • Independent incident reviews
  • Development of policies and guidelines
  • Complete program design
  • Education programming

Comprehensive, independent and unbiased program assessment for healthcare delivery

Pro-active e-learning modules for staff, athletes, officials, and coaches

Stakeholder surveys for real-time feedback

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U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health | | 614.826.0022 |

“Our mission is to collaborate with every athletic organization to inspire and ensure athlete health and safety is a priority”

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The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) was founded upon the need within athletic institutions for trusted, independent partners with the experience and expertise to advise and consult with organizations regarding their healthcare delivery system. That is why USCAH is committed to providing independent and unbiased medical expertise to organizations and individuals dedicated to the optimal health and safety for the athletes they serve.

USCAH is comprised of a diverse, multidisciplinary team of medical experts with experience serving in high-level positions within intermediate and collegiate athletic organizations. The team was strategically comprised of experts positioned to address all aspects of athletic healthcare, including compliance, assessment, education, personnel, programming and more.

Since the beginning, the team at the U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health has shared a common direction, a common belief—simply, as collaborators our passion and focus is committed to inspiring and ensuring athlete health and safety is a priority with every athletic organization.